The Comedy of Wills: Advantages and Disadvantages

Ah, the will – that document where you can finally exert your posthumous power and make everyone ponder your possessions. While wills are essential for ensuring your assets are distributed as per your wishes, they can also be a source of both laughter and despair. So, grab your popcorn and let’s explore the hilarious world of wills, highlighting the advantages and disadvantages in all their quirky glory.


  1. Eternal Mic Drop: Advantage: When you’ve got a will, you can literally have the last word. It’s your final chance to tell your Aunt Edna that she can’t have your collection of vintage potato peelers. Disadvantage: Be careful with your last words – they might come back to haunt you. Ever heard of the family feud that started over Grandma’s porcelain cat collection?
  2. Peace of the Grave: Advantage: Your will can bring peace to your restless soul, knowing that your beloved pet iguana, Iggy, will be well-cared for by Uncle Bob. Disadvantage: Just imagine Uncle Bob trying to decipher Iggy’s daily meal plan and decipher his iguana-language diary. That’s one sitcom in the making!
  3. Strategic Ghosting: Advantage: Use your will to strategically reward or punish your loved ones. Give your favorite niece a hefty inheritance while making your nephew work for his share. Disadvantage: Beware! Those grudges may follow you into the afterlife. Don’t be surprised if you end up stuck in limbo, arguing with your nephew over that vintage Spider-Man comic.
  4. The Ghostly Gossip Mill: Advantage: Your will can be a source of juicy post-funeral gossip. Who got the diamond tiara, and who got the moldy sock collection? Disadvantage: You might find yourself attending some awkward ghostly cocktail parties as a result of your will’s revelations. “So, you’re the one who got the haunted sock collection?”
  5. Avoid the Zombie Taxman: Advantage: With a well-crafted will, you can minimize the amount of your estate that gets devoured by taxes, ensuring your loved ones get more of your hard-earned money. Disadvantage: If you don’t plan well, the taxman might end up with your vintage comic book collection instead. He’s got to feed his undead cravings somehow.


  1. The “I Didn’t Get What I Wanted” Ghost: Advantage: Your will is your chance to say who gets what, but what if your loved ones aren’t happy with their share? Disadvantage: You might find yourself haunting your own family gatherings, listening to them bicker about your decisions. “I can’t believe she left me the taxidermy walrus!”
  2. Legalese Limbo: Advantage: Wills are full of legal jargon that can make a lawyer blush. This complexity ensures your wishes are legally binding. Disadvantage: Trying to decipher legal jargon can be like navigating a labyrinth. You might end up with your pet iguana inheriting your house by accident.
  3. Paperwork Purgatory: Advantage: Crafting a will is essential, but it can involve tons of paperwork, multiple drafts, and endless notarizations. Disadvantage: If you’re not careful, you might end up buried under a mountain of papers in the afterlife, searching for the perfect version of your will.
  4. The Eternal Paranoia: Advantage: After drafting your will, you might develop a peculiar paranoia that someone is out to change it. Disadvantage: You’ll spend your ghostly existence haunting your lawyer to ensure your will stays unaltered. Sorry, lawyer.
  5. Haunted Heirs: Advantage: When you’ve got a will, your heirs might be haunted by the ghost of your expectations. Disadvantage: They’ll never enjoy their inheritance, constantly wondering if they’re living up to your posthumous standards.


In the world of wills, the advantages and disadvantages often come hand in hand, just like a ghostly apparition and a haunted mansion. Crafting a will can be a serious business, but there’s no harm in seeing the lighter side of this essential legal document. So, embrace the comedy of wills and remember that, in the end, it’s all part of the great cosmic joke. Happy haunting!

Nevada Tuggle, ESQ

Nevada is an Atlanta native who has been practicing law for over ten years. His career first began in 2008 as a licensed attorney in Florida where he gained experience as an elder law attorney at several prestigious law firms. In 2013 he returned to Atlanta and formed his own law practice–Tuggle Law, LLC.
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