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Tuggle Law, LLC specializes in providing comprehensive assistance to clients seeking IRS Tax Resolution, offering expert guidance and strategic solutions to navigate complex tax matters and achieve favorable resolutions with the Internal Revenue Service.


The IRS Fresh Start Program was first announced February 2011 with the primary goal of making it easier for individuals and businesses to pay back taxes and penalties that they owe.

The IRS Fresh Start Tax Relief program was launched in 2012 and raised the maximum tax owed for taxpayers from $25,000 to $50,000 to qualify for a repayment plan.  In instances where Taxpayers owe more than $50,000, they may still qualify but they must file a Form 433-A or Form 433-F (Collection Information Statement) or make sufficient payments against the past-due tax in order to bring the total tax liability below the $50,000 threshold.


If you are being harassed by the IRS because you failed to file returns or because you were unable to pay taxes, you need an experienced income tax dispute attorney who will understand your options (including bankruptcy), give you a realistic assessment, and help you get a satisfactory final resolution.

Few people can mount an adequate defense on their own.  Although the tax code has become so complex, tax collectors do not initially differentiate between simple oversight and outright fraud.  The government has significant powers at its disposal when attempting to collect past-due taxes.  For instance, it is likely that your wages will be garnished, or your bank account levied.  If you do not have the financial resources to pay taxes, we can help you negotiate a better deal and even prevent you from spending time in prison.  Among the options we can pursue are:

  • Offers in Compromise.  In our experience, all offers made to the IRS in compromise of a tax debt go to IRS employees who are inexperienced, lack sufficient training and creativity.  As a result, few offers are accepted without the assistance of counsel.  We will be you advocates, helping you successfully make an offer in compromise, if that is in your best interest.

  • Payment plans/Installment Agreements.  Unlike an offer in compromise, payment plans do not extend the 10-year statute of limitations on collections.  We will negotiate directly with the Internal Revenue Service to establish a reasonable monthly payment plan.

  • Removal of Tax Liens.

  • Bankruptcy.  If a tax is more than three years old, or has been assessed within two years, we can help you discharge it in bankruptcy.  This applies to both state and federal income taxes, but does NOT apply to employment taxes.

  • Non-collectible status.  If you have no reasonable means of paying the tax liability or have filed for bankruptcy in the last two years, you can seek CNC (currently non-collectible) status, whereby the IRS will suspend collections efforts for a period of time, even though penalties and interest will continue to accrue.  We can help secure this when appropriate.


All prices include electronic-filing fees.


  1. Form 1040 (standard deductions + one state return) = $195

  2. Schedule A (itemized deductions) = $100

  3. Schedule C (corporate-business income) = $200 or more

  4. Schedule D (capital gains & losses) = $175

  5. Schedule E (rental income, royalties) = $175



  1. Form 1120 (corporation) = $750

  2. Form 112S (S corporation) = $750

  3. Form 1065 (partnership) = $750

  4. Form 1041 (trust & estate) = $500

  5. Form 990 (tax-exempt organization) = $650

Many people turn to commercial tax services or accountants for their tax needs.  However, there is a major drawback to doing so: the information you tell them will not be privileged and confidential.  By contrast, when you consult with a tax attorney, everything you say will be protected by the highest privilege in law.  This means that your attorney cannot be compelled to reveal what you disclosed even in a courtroom.  This is not the case for other tax professionals.

As a full-service boutique law firm, we prepare Federal and state tax returns for individuals, businesses, and fiduciaries.  Having earned a Masters Degree in Taxation (Tax LL.M) coupled with years of experience, attorney Nevada Tuggle has the expertise to prepare your tax returns in anticipation of what the IRS might argue in challenging your returns.  Where you have overpaid taxes, I may seek a refund on your behalf.  If you underpaid taxes, then I can negotiate with the IRS to reduce your penalties.  There is comfort in having an attorney prepare your tax returns because if the IRS comes calling, you want your attorney to stand between you and the IRS.

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