Social Security Benefits

Tuggle Law, LLC specializes in assisting individuals in navigating the complex legal process to secure and maximize their entitled benefits from the Social Security Administration.


Whether you are applying for Social Security Disability benefits for the first time, or appealing a denial, hiring a Social Security Attorney can increase your chances in qualifying for benefits.  The majority of applicants are denied benefits simply because they do not know how to complete the requisite paperwork properly.  We’re here to help!

Social Security pays benefits to those who cannot work because of a medical condition that is expected to last at least one year or is likely to result in death.  Generally, there are two earnings requirement tests for benefits: (1) a recent work test that is based on your age at the time you became disabled; and (2) a duration of work test to show that you worked long enough to qualify for benefits.


  • Social Security number (copy of Social Security card)

  • Birth certificate

  • Doctor information (names, addresses, phone numbers)

  • List of Medications and dosage

  • Medical records

  • Laboratory and test results

  • Summary of work history and job title

  • Most recent W-2 form


Provided that you are approved for benefits, the entire application process can take three to five months.

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